The Best Crewneck Sweatshirts for Men Deserve Their Wardrobe Essential Status

The term "essential wardrobe" is almost as much used as "streetwear" in the world of men's fashion, but there is always a style that deserves the label: sweatshirts with gray crew neck. They are basic in the best way: comfortable as a campfire on the beach, never portable, and an integral part of the history of menswear. The humble crewneck sweatshirt helped Steve McQueen escape in The Great Escape, sealed John Travolta's status in Grease, and made Eddie Murphy a badass at Beverly Hills Cop. Paul Newman, the boss of casual menswear, was wearing one. Today, a list of famous and stylish men relies on the gray crewneck sweatshirt (see: Ryans Gosling and Reynolds, Justin Theroux, Kanye West, A Rocky A $ AP, Michael B. Jordan). The rhythm is equal to the shape and function of the pieces, the solid vibrations housed in a fitted cotton knit (like a perfect wand, hard on the outside and soft as a cloud on the inside). At present, the market is full of swarms inspir…